Metalwork Trail, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield

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Curriculum links:

KS2 Art & Design - Record observations in a sketchbook
KS2 Design & Technology - Product design

Aims of resource:

To inspire pupils to develop and experiment with product designs 

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of different examples of metalwork from the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield
Understanding of various factors that can inform product design
Skills to create and develop product designs and draw from life

Discussion ideas:

  • Why do people add decoration to objects like cutlery?
  • What do you think of the decorative metalwork objects shown in the photo gallery for this resource?
  • What sort of decorations can you see on objects around you and why might they have been used?
  • Why do you think symbols are used on these objects?
  • What sort of symbols might you use to personalise something and why?

Activity idea:

  • Design & Technology - Product design:
    Using the images within this resource for inspiration, pupils could take a functional object used in everyday life and transform it into a decorative piece.

    They could then present their design to the class and explain why they have chosen decorative touches or symbols.

  • Art & Design - Drawing from life
    This resource could also be used as a starting point for observational drawing. Pupils could draw decorative objects as a still life or select decorative objects to draw while visiting their local museum.

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