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Metalwork in Sheffield

Glossary - Metalwork Films

Acetylene: A colourless gaseous flammable hydrocarbon used in welding and in manufacturing chemicals.

Aesthetics: A particular idea of what is beautiful or artistic.

Aluminium: A light metallic element that is silvery white, ductile, malleable, and resistant to corrosion.

Braze: To make something out of brass or decorate something with brass. To join two pieces of metal together with a solder that has a high melting point.

Britannia Silver: Fine quality silver which is made 95.8% of silver in comparison to Stirling silver which is 92.5% silver (7.5% other metals, usually copper) and Fine silver which is 99.9% silver.

Casting: The making of a solid object by pouring molten metal, glass, or plastic into a mould and allowing it to cool.

Chasing: To decorate metal or glass by engraving or embossing.

Chequering: To mark something with a chequer pattern or with alternating areas of light and shade.

Engraving: The art or process of cutting or etching images into a hard surface.

File: A metal tool, usually long and narrow and with sharpened ridges on one or more of its surfaces, that is used to smooth down or wear away wood or metal.

Flux: A substance that promotes the fusion of two substances or surfaces, as in soldering or welding.

Gilt: A thin layer of gold, or a substance that looks like gold, applied to a surface.

Hacksaw: A handsaw with a small-toothed steel blade stretched taut across a frame, used for cutting metal.

Ionised: A process in which an atom or molecule loses or gains electrons, acquiring an electric charge or changing an existing charge.

Knots: A unit of measurement for the speed at which a ship or aircraft travels, equivalent to one nautical mile per hour, approximately 1.85 km per hour1.15 statute mph.

Maltese Cross: Cross with inward- pointing arms that taper towards the centre.

Mild Steel: A strong steel containing a low proportion of carbon.

Mother of Pearl: The hard pearly internal layer of the shells of some molluscs such as oysters and clams, used, for example as a gemstone and as a decorative inlay.

Oxyacetylene: A mixture of oxygen and acetylene that is used to produce an extremely hot flame for cutting and welding metal.

Platinum: A precious silvery-white metallic element, highly malleable and ductile and highly resistant to chemicals and heat, used in jewellery and chemically as a catalyst in electroplating.

Printing Surface: A plate, block, or other hard surface on which an image has been engraved for printing.

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