Metalwork in Sheffield

Chris Campbell - Metalworker

In addition to reading this interview, you can also watch video interviews with Metalworker Chris Campbell and other local metalwork artists in the video gallery of this resource.

Q. Can you give me a brief description of your work/skills?

We specialise in designing and fabricating sculptures, fencing, gates etc mainly for urban regeneration schemes. Our main skills are in all types of metal fabrication to which end we have a fully equipped workshop suitable to handle most metalworking jobs.

Q. How long have you been a Metalworker and how did you start?

I attended Nottingham Trent Polytechnic in the late 80's studying fine art and sculpture. I have practiced as an artist since then, initially doing residencies in schools, hospitals etc and then in the mid 90's I started Campbell Design& Engineering Ltd with my brother.

Q. What opportunities do you think there are for people wanting to work in the metalwork industry in this region?

There are many opportunities for artists to be involved in regeneration schemes where they can design and make one off items such as sculptural gates or benches.

Most jobs start with some sort of community involvement which usually is advertised. The main problem however is getting the people who commission the work to give you the opportunity to get involved. Sometimes it is just as easy to get involved in just designing and getting other companies to fabricate and install for you. Involvement in any project relies ultimately on who you are , what you do and how determined you are to succeed.

Q. Have you any words of wisdom for people wanting to start work as a Metalworker?

Do it because you want to and have an interest in it. Develop your making skills, find your own way in doing things and learn and understand as many of the metalworking processes which can be done for you by others and which may be useful in your design work.

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