Metalwork Gallery Animations: Turtle Soup Tureen

Turtle soup tureen made from Old Sheffield Plate around 1800

Click here to view an animation of how the turtle soup tureen was made: Turtle soup tureen

This turtle soup tureen is made from Old Sheffield Plate. It could hold up to six litres of soup in its body and was used to serve soup made from green turtles imported from the West Indies. Turtle soup and mock turtle soup were very popular dishes in Victorian times. Mock turtle soup used a calf's head and veal instead of turtles as its main ingredients. The dish was viewed as delicacy and popular at banquets and for special occasions.

Turtles are some of the most endangered species on the planet. They are one of a number of animals, plants, fish, and insects which are key indicator species. This means that these species are most affected by any slight change in their environment and are the ones that will feel a change first. This tells the scientists that something is happening, whether it be with the weather, invasion by another species, pollution, over-fishing, or some other human-caused problem.

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