Meet the Designer - Video interviews

Before and after watching the interviews

These suggested activities help students get the most out of this resource, introduce the concept of the design process, and stimulate discussion about how designers find inspiration and develop their work. Students should record their thoughts and ideas and review them after watching the interviews.

Discuss and investigate:
  • The terms designer and artist - how are these professions similar and how do they differ?
  • The diversity of product design in our daily lives e.g. how many types of product are available to help us serve and eat food? Who creates these objects and why?
  • Where do designers get inspiration for their work? Students might research a famous designer such as Vivienne Westwood, or contact a local designer to investigate.
  • How do designers develop their ideas? What is the design process? Can you describe it in four sentences? Is the same process used by every designer and for every product?
  • Images of one type of designed object, for example teapots.  Discuss origins, similarities and differences.
  • How can design work be critically evaluated? Can students find an example of both good and bad design in their daily lives? Why is good design important to both consumer and designer?
  • Why do designers create new products? Is it their idea or someone else's? What is a design brief? 

Reflect - after watching the interviews students can be encouraged to reflect on their initial ideas:

  • What information would they like to add or change in their notes?
  • Was any of the information given by the designers particularly interesting or surprising?
  • Would students change or add a new element to their own design practice, in response to the video?


Follow up activities:
  • Visit local designers in their workshops or invite them to give a talk in the classroom. Interview them about their inspirations, design process and career.
  • Complete a classroom display of images and annotations on the theme of a successful design and answering a brief.
  • Explore the themes of design analysis and the design process in the Discover Design and Inspired by Design object handling workshops. See the Learning section of the Museums Sheffield website (linked below) for details.

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