Medieval Realms

Virtual Tour of St Mary's Abbey

To access the virtual tour of St Mary's Abbey, click on the interactive button on the left of this page under "Additional Resources".


This will take you through to the first page of the tour. Pupils navigate around a map of St Mary's Abbey finding out about the people who lived there through the objects they left behind.  Different areas of the abbey are highlighted for pupils to click on and find out about.  

The areas to explore are:  

  • The Abbey Church
  • The Vestibule to the Chapter House
  • The Dormitory
  • The Warming House and Refectory
  • The Outer Precinct
  • The Watergate
  • The Walls
  • The Gatehouse
  • The Cemetery

Remember to remind pupils to have the sound turned on on their computers to benefit from the full effect of the tour!  

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