Medieval Realms

Museum objects relating to the abbey

The Yorkshire Museum has a fantastic collection of objects from St Mary's Abbey displayed in its Medieval Gallery.  There are even the remains of the Vestibule and Chapter House underneath the museum, still in situ! 


The pictures to the right show just some of the objects that are in the museum.  They are from top to bottom:

  • One of the statues which would have been on the outside of the abbey church - if you look closely, you can still see the remains of the red paint which it was painted with 
  •  A mortar used by the infirmerer.  The infirmerer was a monk who looked after the old and sick monks.  He would have used the mortar to grind the herbs with which he treated the monks 
  • A stone carving showing a figure playing the fiddle.  The inside of the abbey church would have been covered in such carvings all highly decorative.  This shows not only how wealthy the abbey was, but the skill of the stonemason's in carving the sculpture 
  • Stained glass: The abbey church would have had huge stained glass windows, again a testament to how wealthy they were.  Not only was glass expensive, but lead was used to keep the small pieces of glass in place.  The windows in the abbey church would have used about half a tonne of lead to keep all the glass in place! 

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