Medieval Grantham

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This resource explores the town of Grantham in Medieval times, and makes a comparison with Grantham today through the use of two maps. The following pages provide information on religion, trade and the feudal system.

This resource is part of a series looking at Grantham through the ages:


Curriculum links:

KS2-3 Geography - Human geography - types of settlement and land use, economic activities and trade links

KS2 History - Local history study - Study of a locality over time

KS3 History - The development of the Church, state and society in Medieval Britain 1066-1509

Aims of resource: 

To explore various aspects of a medieval town 

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of how Medieval towns developed during the period

Understanding of how Medieval society differs from that of other eras

Skills to compare and contrast historical locations with their modern counterparts

Activity ideas: 

  • The interactive map activity within the downloadable powerpoint allows pupils to identify different areas of Grantham and how these relate to trade, industry or housing, and then to explore what these areas were used for in Medieval times and how land use, industry and trade has changed in Grantham over time. 

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