Marc Quinn and Figurative Sculpture

Materials and Methods

Quinn took a series of photographs of the models posing together and individual body casts. Body casts are created in plaster, with the body first covered in Vaseline to prevent hairs from being trapped and to protect delicate skin areas. Wet plaster bandages are layered over the Vaseline. The body is usually cast in sections and the process takes many hours to complete.
Quinn’s casts were sent to Italy, where expert stone masons were commissioned to undertake the process of carving. The work is made from Macedonian marble, the same stone used by ancient Greek sculptors in some of their statues.
The artist carefully oversaw every stage of the carving process, giving the stonemasons detailed notes before the work was undertaken. When they were within a few centimetres of being completed, he inspected them again before the final cuts were made to ensure that every aspect was perfect.

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