Marc Quinn and Figurative Sculpture

Who are the Models?

The sculpture depicts Catherine Long and Mat Fraser. They are close friends who had previously worked together, and were chosen by Quinn specifically for this piece of work.

Catherine Long is a performance artist with a background in art therapies. She was born with only one arm and impaired hip and knee joints. Central to her practice is the paradox of trying to explain something that is inexplicable. This is reflected in the challenges faced in trying to communicate the personal physical experience and the tension between the individual body and the body in society. 

Catherine hopes that the sculpture will "evoke and challenge people’s perceptions of what they see as being beautiful or not beautiful.”

Mat Fraser is an actor, poet, musician and writer. He has worked regularly in theatre and television. Fraser was born with shortened arms due to the drug thalidomide. He challenges people to see beyond his disability in shows such as 'Sealboy: Freak' which he wrote and performed.

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