Marc Quinn and Figurative Sculpture

Teachers' notes and linked resources

Marc Quinn's sculpture Kiss raises some poignant questions about how we view beauty and the human body, and about issues of disability. Using the sculpture as a focal point, this resource explores these themes with reference to other figurative sculpture from the collection of Museums Sheffield. 

Curriculum links:

KS2-3 Arts Award Discover & Explore - exploring a range of art forms; discussion around artefacts and art works

KS3/4 Art & Design - Self Image; Personal Spaces, Public Place

Citizenship - Britain a Diverse Society

This resource can also be used by KS3/4 pupils studying similar topics/themes (including sculpture, poetry, creative writing, music composition, self identity).

Downloads for this resource:

- Fact sheet: 'Useful Art Words' - helpful for pupils discussing sculpture or reading this resource independently
- Worksheet entitled 'Choose Your Media', helping children to select media when creating figurative art

Teacher's comments on this resource:

"Excellent resource for:

  • promoting discussion about disability, identity, social commentary

  • opening discussion about social acceptance, expectations, different peoples lives

  • discussion about sculpture, figurative/abstract/symbolic art
    understanding definition for abstract / figurative art

  • an older student to pursue personal interest in sculpture, to help support understanding about how to link different artworks, make connections, unpack meanings, realising the significance / background context behind the immediate art work"

A PDF of the text of this is available to download below.

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