M&S Schoolwear and Teenage Fashion

Teachers' notes

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Curriculum Links:

KS3 Literacy/KS3 English

- using persuasive language

- writing for a variety of purposes

KS3 Citizenship

- choices

- how do rules and laws affect me?

- rights and responsibilities

KS3 Geography

- recycling

KS3 Art & Design:

- fashion design/textiles

- design clothes based on original archive designs

KS3 Design & Technology:

- design and make your own clothing

- selecting materials  (minimising environmental damage, reuse/ recycle, use of modern materials)


- recognising how people's emotions change during puberty and how to deal with their feelings towards themselves, their family and others in a positive way; personal wellbeing.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Understanding of how advances in technology affected the production, sale and dominance of school uniform throughout Britain
  • Knowledge of the style of advertising M&S used to create and capture the ‘new’ teenage fashion market
  • Skills of comparing and contrasting commonly accepted ideas of Schoolwear through the decades. 

M&S 'Fashion and Food' theme on My Learning

This resource is part of a 'Fashion and Food' theme intended to provide a broad picture of product design, using selected items from the M&S Company Archive collection of clothing and food packaging images. The overall aim of the Fashion related resources is to show changing fashions throughout the history of the Company, changes in products over time and how this links to wider social history and world events.

Related resources:

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