M&S Penny Bazaars

Activity ideas

This page suggests ways in which the material in this resource can be used with different subjects, as prompts for discussion.  

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KS2 History: 

  • Look at the images on the right showing how an artist used an old photograph as his inspiration for a painting.  Find some old family photos and paint a picture using different elements from each photo as your inspiration.
  • Find out the history of your nearest M&S store using the online store finder (see Related Links below and look at the old photographs to see how much it has changed.
  • Find out how much it would cost today to buy each of the following Penny Bazaar items: bar of soap, wooden spoon, ruled notebook, set of buttons, packet of hairgrips 


  • Carry out some research with family, friends, teachers and neighbours to find out what M&S means to them. Design your research using 'open' questions beginning with e.g.  What do you think..., rather than questions that will give you a yes or no answer.
  • Make a list of modern innovative ideas that have become part of most peoples lives today - try to think of ones that have an impact on your own life, e.g. they might be apps, things in the home or something that you wear.
  • Have your own 'Dragon's Den' event in your school, with  Innovation as the theme:
    - in groups of three think of an innovative retail idea
    - suggest how it could be produced and design its marketing strategy
    - 'pitch' your idea to an audience, maybe within your class or to other classes
    - get people to vote for their favourite
    - discuss the 'pros and cons' of the top five 'Dragons Den' ideas 

KS3 Citizenship:  

  • Use the National Archives Currency Convertor (see Related Links at the bottom of this page) to find out how much the wages for M&S shop assistants in 1906 would be worth today (the image of Cross Arcade staff has details of their wages). 
    Compare this with the minimum wage for young people today - see links below.


Haberdashery - small items for sewing such as buttons, ribbons and zips
Hardware - fixtures, equipment, tools and devices for making or repairing objects or structures
Innovation - solutions that meet new needs, novelty, modernisation 

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