M&S Making a Mark - Flora Solomon

Activity ideas

This page suggests ways in which old and new images can be used with different subjects, as prompts for classroom and homework activities.

KS2/3/4 PSHE
  • Find out what different types of exercise are taken by people in your class. 
  • Ask your parents and older people what exercise they did as teenagers.
  • Compare the clubs that older people belonged to or hobbies they had, to those you experience today. If they are different, how are they different?

KS2/3/4 Citizenship

  • Listen to some of the video accounts of Jewish children leaving Germany for England from the link below. Write an account of the journey as if you are one of those children.
  • Research Amnesty International and discuss what it is about. Why is it important to have 'campaigning' organisations?
  • The Amnesty International logo shows two objects. What are these and what is the significance of combining them?
  • Flora Solomon followed the Jewish faith. Make a list of all the different religions you can think of, then find out about the things that are the same and the things that are different about each one.
  • Read the transcription of the responses to Flora's questionnaire and try and work out what the questions were.
KS3/4 Business Studies
  • Imagine you are the boss of a big organisation. What 'benefits' would you offer your employees? These could include good holidays, a company car or good pay. Remember that your company must be making enough profit to be able to offer any benefits, so think what proportion of your profit you are willing to give up to have happy staff, before you decide what to offer. 
  • Imagine you are the boss of a large company in the past and you are planning an event to celebrate employees who had worked for you for 25 and 40 years? What would the event be like, who would be invited, and what would you give as thank you presents?
  • Today there are rules about Health and Safety that organisations have to follow. Make a list of as many health and safety rules you can think of that will apply to a large shop.
  • Now think about staff welfare, what do you think this means? How is it different from health and safety?
  • Imagine you have a budget of £10 per child per week, and your task is to design one week of school meals for your class. They have to be healthy and nutritious, but also taste and look good.

KS2/3 History

  • Find out more about the Great Depression in America - when did it happen, what caused it? Use the interactive from the link below to understand what it was like for a boy of ten at the time.   
  • Using the same interactive, choose one of the family members and write a diary as if you were that person, explaining how hard life was for the family.
  • Miss May Ness received a gift from M&S when she got married. Find out how much £4.4.0d would be worth in today's money by using the link below. 
  • Ask different people in your family how old they were when they started working, and what the conditions were like in their first job.
  • Ask your teachers how working conditions for teachers have changed since Victorian times to now. This resource about a Victorian teacher's Log Book might give you some clues.  
  • Find out what different kinds of jobs women did during the War.
  • Find out what the Blitz was and when and where it happened. Then imagine what it was like being in the Blitz and write a letter to a friend describing your experiences. 

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