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This page suggests ways in which old and new images can be used with different subjects, as prompts for discussion and extension activities.


KS2 History

  • Even though the Second World War finished in 1945 food rationing went on until 1954, so it must have been very exciting when you could finally buy 'ready made' cakes. If food rationing happened today, what would you miss most?
  • Watch this video clip of a lady talking about her favourite food in the 1950s. Think about your own favourite foods. What is your favourite food now and why? If someone asks you this question when you are older, do you think your answer will be the same?

KS2 Art & Design

  • Look at the packaging design of the Swiss rolls from the 1960s above. How would you change it for today's shops? You could bring in examples of different brands of cakes to your class and compare the designs.
  • How about designing new packaging yourself and creating an exhibition? 
  • Make a collection of food labels or packaging from different countries.
  • Packaging is an important part of selling food products, but this bag of sugar was important for a different reason. It was featured in a BBC programme called The History of the World. Read about why it was so important, and think of other foods that have become 'symbols' for something.

KS2/3 Citizenship/Gender Studies

  • During the Second World War many women went out to work for the first time. What difference would this have made to their family life?
  • Which member of the family was most likely to bake cakes in the 1950s? Why? Watching this archive video showing a snapshot of English family life will give you a clue!
  • How do you think different domestic tasks should be shared today? In your class make a list of jobs in the home you think should be shared equally between men and women. Find out the ones you all agree with, and then talk about the ones you don't all agree about.

KS2 Food Technology

  • How do think Swiss Rolls are made?
  • Why is food packaging needed? What other things need to be considered in the design and use of packaging? Find out more from the BBC interactive link below.

KS2 Literacy

  • Read this transcript of the St Michael News article about Mrs Kenway. Is it a report or an advertisment? Give reasons for your answer.

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