M&S Cheshire Oaks Eco Store

Teachers' notes

This resource includes suggestions for discussion and activity ideas that can be given to students as homework or one-off activities. 

Along with the related resource 'The Most Sustainable Suit in the World', it can be used to support teaching in the following areas, as suggested by members of the My Learning teachers' panel:

Curriculum Links:

KS2 Science, Geography, Maths, Citizenship


Useful for topics around: Recycling, Sustainability, Product Design, Literacy, using the concept of an eco store to capture children’s interest and start discussions.

Could be used as the basis of a school audit on being more sustainable, and thinking about how the school can be more eco-friendly. 

KS3 Cross-Curricular -
this resource could be used in a number of subject areas including those shown below, to raise awareness of eco ideas and how contemporary big business is taking responsibility:

  • Geography
  • D&T product Design 
  • PHSE
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Art
Could be used to make a significant link about the eco-friendly approach of a contemporary big business,  in comparison to the 'eco warrior' approach which individuals sometimes take on. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Knowledge of the various eco-friendly features of a new superstore
  • Understanding of how buildings are constructed and the choices that can be made about the materials used
  • Improved skills of researching environmental topics using the related website links provided

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