M&S Birth of a Brand - Campaign Case Study - 125 Anniversary

Teachers' notes

This resource is part of the  M&S Birth of a Brand suite inspired by the large collection of advertising images and film in the M&S Company Archive based at Leeds University. The material can be used in the Curriculum areas shown below, and would also be useful for any Creative and Media students looking at advertising in general.

The  discussion and activity ideas page suggest ways that these resources can be used in the classroom or given to students as homework assignments or extension activities. The related links at the bottom of the page lead to further material that will support these topics.

You can also download the  M&S Advertising and Branding timeline, which lists key dates and events in the Company's history and the various advertising campaigns up to the present day. 

Curriculum Links:

KS2 English/Literacy- Reading and evaluating a range of non-fiction texts

KS2 Design & Technology
- as a natural extension to a packaging design topic, where children create adverts to promote their products
- how technology has influenced advertising

KS2 ICT - getting children to use multimedia to plan, write and create their own adverts

KS3 Design Technology - Brand design

KS4/5  Business and Enterprise, Economics,  History,  Media Studies

Learning Outcomes:

  • Knowledge of how a recent M&S advertising campaign was put together
  • Understanding of the ways in which large retail companies promote themselves and their products
  • Skills of recognising the different elements of a high profile advertising campaign

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