M&S and the War Effort - Staff Stories

Activity ideas

The following are suggestions for how these resources can be used as homework assignments or one-off activities. See also Discussion ideas on the previous page.

You can also download an M&S Second World War timeline, which sets significant M&S evens against key dates in history.

KS3 History/English: 

  1. Look at the photo of the Staff Firefighting Team from 1944, and make up a list of challenges that they would have to complete in order to win the competition (the Related Links at the bottom of the page might help you!)

  2. Look at the image galleries in some of the other My Learning resources relating to WW2 and choose one photo that interests you the most. Imagine that the people in the photo are M&S employees or their relatives, and make up your own caption for the image, describing what's happening.

  3. Download the Christmas Edition of the M&S Forces Bulletin No.8, 1944 and try some of the activities below:
  • Read the article on  'Escapes'. Imagine you are either Pte Gardiner or Guardsman Eddy and you've just reached safety in Switzerland. Write a letter to one of your relatives back home describing how you got there.
  • Imagine you are one of the women in the M&S Personnel Dept and write a letter to either Pte Gardiner or Guardsman Eddy in their Prisoner of War camp, including some news from home to keep their spirits up.
  • Read the Christmas message on page one then make up your own 'message of hope' directed towards the men and women on active service in the Armed Forces today.  

KS3 Citizenship:

  • Read the evidence about pay differences between men and women after the War on our Women's Rights: the Equal Pay Debate resource. Make a list of three jobs today that you think are mainly done by men, and three jobs mainly done by women, then try to find out what the average wage is for all of them (use the Salary Checker link at the bottom of the page).

KS4 Science extension activities:

  1. Find out what the melted cash float coins were made of then watch this video showing the casting process for making a sculpture, and also the BBC video on melting and casting metals (see link below). Estimate how long the coins would have had to be in the fire to melt together in this way.

  2. Do some research to find out what materials are most resistant to fire. 

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