M&S - The Most Sustainable Suit in the World!

Teachers' notes

This resource includes suggestions for discussion and activity ideas that can be given to students as homework or one-off activities.

It can be used to support teaching in the following areas, as suggested by members of the My Learning teachers' panel:



  • As an introduction to learning about recycling everyday items
  • Ethics / RE
  • As inspiration or introduction to a real enterprise activity such as a fund raising activity
  • Introduction to consumerism
  • Literacy project
  • Fashion design project
  • History timelines understanding the manufacturing industries versus cottage industries 

Curriculum Links:

KS2 - Recycling, Sustainability, Product Design, Literacy.

Using the concept of the sustainable suit to capture children’s interest and start discussions.

KS3 Cross-Curricular - This resource could be used in a number of subject areas including those shown below, to raise awareness of eco ideas and how contemporary big business is taking responsibility:

  • Geography / Science
  • D&T product Design 
  • Enterprise Learning
  • Learn To Learn
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Art

Learning Outcomes:


  • Knowledge of the sustainable features of a men's suit sold on the high street, by looking at its component parts
  • Understanding of how a large retailer is taking responsibility to provide goods that are environmentally friendly
  • Improved skills of researching by following the related links to find further online material

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