Louis Le Prince

Louis Le Prince's Legacy

In 1890, Louis visited friends in France and told them he was going to America to promote his new single lens camera. They never saw him again. After a fruitless search by his family and friends, no trace of him could be found.


Intellectual property:

Because no body was ever found, Louis could not be formally pronounced dead. This meant that his work and ideas could not be protected by the patents he had taken out until seven years had passed and he could be 'presumed dead'.

Adolph, Louis' son tried to defend his father's patents. However, in 1901 Adolph was shot dead in a wood on Long Island, New York. After Adolph's violent death, people began to suspect that Louis had also been murdered.

We can see from the design and construction of Louis' cameras and apparatus that if he had lived, he would have been commercially successful in the moving picture industry.


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