Louis Le Prince

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Curriculum links:

KS3 Art & Design - the history of art, craft, design and architecture
KS3 Citizenship - the functions and uses of money and the importance and practice of budgeting and managing risk
KS3 PHSE - a basic understanding of enterprise

(This resource could also be used as inspiration for KS1 History - Significant individuals)

Aims of resource:

To use the example of Louis Le Prince as starting point for discussions about enterprise 

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of Louis Le Prince as an early entrepreneur and inventor
Understanding of the concepts of patents and intellectual property
Skills to discuss and interpret the career of an entrepreneur

Discussion ideas:

  • What pioneering inventions can you think of that have changed people's lives?
  • Why do you think people use patents to protect their ideas or inventions?
  • Can you think of any examples of inventions or products that might be protected by patents?
  • What do you think might have happened to Louis on his journey to America?

Activity ideas:

  • Debate: Pupils carry out research to gather evidence that either Le Prince or another historical figure was the 'true' inventor of the moving picture. Then, they can apply their evidence in a debate, perhaps speaking from the perspective of the two figures, which could also be 'scored' by the rest of the class or a group.
To find out more about animations or moving images, visit our History of Animation  or Animation Toolkit  resources.

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