Lead Mining in the Yorkshire Dales

Resources to Download

1) A guided walk video of Grinton How Smelt Mill and the surrounding mining area.



This is available in a number of formats:


  • WindowsMedia Video file (4.7Mb). This requires Windows Media Player to play. It is in watchable format but not high quality to reduce the download size. Download video here*.


  • QuickTime Movie (8Mb). Slightly better quality than the WMV above but requires the Apple QuickTime player. Download video here*.


  • QuickTime Movie (53.7Mb). Much better quality version but a larger download. Require QuickTime player. Download video here*.
  • A QuickTime movie panorama, with interactive descriptive text (1Mb) of the Grinton Smelt Mills and surrounding moorland. Download here*.



  Various animations of museum artefacts. All of these require Apple QuickTime 6.5 or later to view them. To view the animation, double-click on the movie file once you have downloaded it and then click and hold down the mouse button to rotate images.


  • Backcan* (544Kb) – Farmers used these to collect milk from cows grazing in their fields. Multiple trips were required to carry the heavy loads down to the farm for storage.
  • Galena* (449Kb) - A lump of galena which you can rotate through 360º.


(More of these artefacts will be added in the future – there are two unedited movies of a Butter Bowl and a Bucker, both 1.8Mb)



3) Image packs in PDF format suitable for printing and laminating of museum artefacts and lead mining location photographs:


4) A fully illustrated PDF version (1.6Mb) of the text of this learning journey.


* Download the files to your local hard disc or network by right clicking (Windows) on the link and using “Save Target As …” or “Save Link As …” depending on your browser.


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