Key dates and anniversaries

August 2017

15 August 1945 -   VJ Day (72nd)
How did the Second World War affect ordinary people?
Explore a local history resource about the consequences of the conflict for people in Leeds

28 August - Leeds West Indian Carnival 50th Anniversary
Discover the oldest Caribbean carnival in Europe in this suite of resources.

September 2017

7 Sept 1940 - 
  The Blitz began (77th)
Londoners endured 57 nights of German bombing raids from this date. Find out what it was like to live through this period by listening to interviews with people who were there. Alternatively, contrast WW2 air-raids with those of the First World War

30 September -    National Sporting Heritage Day

October 2017

Black History Month
We have many resources on black people in history from Mary Seacole to a former slave who made a fortune in 1700s Yorkshire. 
  • Watch film clips re-imagining scenes from the life of Olaudah Equiano, a former slave who bought his freedom.

  • Piece together the story of black entrepreneur George Africanus with original historical documents
2 October 1925 -    Logie Baird transmits television picture (82nd)
Learn about the history of animation, then try your hand at animation techniques

12 October 1915 - British nurse Edith Cavell is executed by German forces in Belgium (102nd)
Find out about various forms of women's work in WW1 - from factory workers to footballers, a WW1 equal pay campaign and the story of another heroic nurse

31 October 1940 - End of the Battle of Britain; a German invasion successfully prevented (77th)

November 2017

8 Nov 1965 - UK  death penalty abolished 
The history of prison reform dates back to the 1800s and the story of a pioneering woman

11 November - Armistice Day
Marks the signing of an armistice between the First World War Allies and Germany at Compiègne, France, to end hostilities on the Western Front. Explore our First World War Centenary resources.

12 November - Remembrance Sunday
Commemorates the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts. Find out more about remembrance on My Learning.

December 2017

2 December - International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

3 December - International Day of Persons with Disabilities

10 December - Human Rights Day


29 Dec 1940 - Second Great Fire of London  when the German Luftwaffe fire-bomb London, killing 200 people (76th)



16 February - Chinese New Year (the Year of the Dog)
Check out a selection of our China-related resources below:

February 2018

27 Feb to 12 March - Fairtrade Fortnight

Our 'Global Citizens - Make an Impact' resources focus on the products of slavery and the Fair Trade system.

You can also explore 'Bitter Sweet History', which looks at aspects of the British slave trade and issues around fair trade today.

And 'M&S Making a Mark - Plan A' examines how fair trade is helping farmers and encourages pupils to think about the goods they buy.

28 Feb - Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)
Check out a 1941 wartime recipe for Potato Carrot Pancake in our resources on Food and Diet in WWII.


March 2018

8 March - International Women's Day
Listen to video clips about the courageous and inspirational'headscarf revolutionaries' of Hessle Road, Hull   , who campaigned for better conditions for trawlermen in the 1960s. 

We also have 19 resources linked to women's history   , from Amy Johnson and Mary Seacole to Working Women of the First World War.

10 - 19 March - British Science Week

Wacky Races is bursting with ideas and inspirations for designing and making a wacky races vehicle and organising a wacky races challenge.

Discover the Science Behind the Shoe and download three practical science experiments.

Find out how to set up and run Science Clubs in schools.

Learn about Yorkshire Inventors and Inventions - from kilner jars to cats eyes!

21 March - World Poetry Day
Download images of Rupert Brooke's handwritten First World War poems 'The Soldier' and 'The Recruit'.

Listen to two Yorkshire dialect poems: 'Bowton's Yard' and 'Ahr Mary's Bonnet' in the KS2 History resource 'Through a Victorian Child's Eye'.

Download an English version of the Viking Egill Skallagrimsson's 'head ransom' poem, written to flatter Erik Bloodaxe in the hope that it would save his life when he was stranded in his kingdom.

April 2018

7 April - World Health Day
Explore Victorian Values - Health and Environment, to learn more about living conditions, disease and sanitation in Victorian Sheffield

Find out about Hull's health from the middle to the modern ages in Hull-istic Medicine: Public Health Through Time

What did WWII Children Eat? Find out what effect the Second World War had on children's health and diet

23 April -   Saint George’s Day
Discover how St George became a symbol for working class education in the Victorian era

25 April - Anzac Day
National day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand, originally to honour those who fought at Gallipoli during the First World War, now an annual day commemorating all who served and died in all wars.   Find out more about our own  First World War Guardians and create a WW1 medal at:

29 April 1770 -   Captain Cook landed at Botany Bay (247th)
This cross-curricular KS2-3 resource allows you to explore objects from the voyage

May 2018

1 May - International Workers' Day
We have several resources focusing on the working lives of ordinary people:
14 May - World Fair Trade Day
Explore the issue of Fair Trade in this cross-curricular resource 'Global Citizens: Make an Impact'. Or take a look at our range of other resources focusing on Fair Trade issues.

15 May - International Conscientious Objector Day
Learn how Richmond Castle became a prison for men who refused to fight and became known as 'The Richmond Sixteen'

27 May -   International Children’s Day
How were children’s lives different in the past? Life through the eyes of Victorian children and WW2 evacuees

June 2018

20-26 June -   National Insect week
What are minibeasts? Learn more and play our interactive game

24 June -     Armed Forces Day

July 2018

Battle of the Somme (1 July to 18 November 1916)
10 July -    Battle of Britain (78th)
Find out about the developments in aviation during the First World War which led to Britain’s success in the Battle of Britain

August 2018

1 August -     Yorkshire Day
Did you know that Yorkshire was home to many inventors? Discover more in this resource from Leeds and Wakefield Libraries

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