Build your own Super Bug!

Super Bugs is a game which aims to develop students' knowledge and understanding of invertebrates in a fun and exciting way. Create your own minibeast by playing the Super Bugs game here

The game is set in the Museum's Top Secret Laboratory.  You are a scientist brought in to help the curator of biology in a race against time to build a Super Bug.

Your mission is to build a creature made from the parts of different minibeasts.  You will be able to choose a body, head, legs and then two super powers to make up your Super Bug.


Along the way you are given useful information about the different bug parts to help you decide.

When you have released your creation you can give it a name and print off a Top Trumps-style statistics card to compare with others.  You can even print lots of Super Bug stats cards and play a game like Top Trumps with them!


Good Luck!

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  • Posted by leo on 17/12/2013

    I love bugs

  • Posted by j.shanks on 20/05/2013

    my class of mixed ks2 boys loved this thank you very much

  • Posted by wahida on 21/04/2013

    its so creative

  • Posted by wahida on 21/04/2013

    its a fun and good learning thing to do

  • Posted by mel rankine on 16/03/2013

    This is FAB!!!! I am using this with my Yr3 class on Monday - thanks so much!

  • Posted by Tommy Roberto on 10/04/2012

    IDK how 2 do this

  • Posted by michael on 02/02/2012

    in P4 making a bug !!!!!

  • Posted by bradley murray on 20/12/2011

    i would like to make a superbug

  • Posted by Grace on 05/11/2011

    It was cool me and my brother love it :)

  • Posted by amy greenwood on 18/10/2011

    im in p5 im learning about mini beast as a topic its a great topic yours sencerly amy...

  • Posted by jessica on 23/06/2010

    my topic is all about mini-beasts

  • Posted by jessica on 23/06/2010

    my friend had all the powers but i don't know how to get them

  • Posted by courtney on 13/05/2010

    im in p.5 and we are learning about minibeasts

  • Posted by flare on 11/05/2010

    how can i make a bug that does more than 22

  • Posted by samia on 04/03/2010

    coooooooooool im in p4 and my topic is about minibeasts.

  • Posted by Madison Tate on 19/01/2010

    Thats my bug.

  • Posted by Madison on 13/01/2010

    It is awsome

  • Posted by jessica lin on 04/09/2009

    Its cool

  • Posted by john bradbury on 11/08/2009

    this game is fab love the top trumps card.

  • Posted by alice morgan on 26/03/2009

    i like it

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