My Family: My Story


My Family: My Story is a digital storytelling project that introduces families to museum collections and the way that objects can be used to create stories. We hope that you can take some ideas from the project described in this learning journey and adapt them to a school environment. 


Families from a local school were invited to work with The World of James Herriot museum to create a family collection and digital family story, using their own homes and special objects as a starting point.

Through-out the project, the participants explored the stories that their chosen objects could tell people now and in the future, about their family, their interests and how they live.


Project aims and objectives

  • To create speaking and listening opportunities for children and parents.
  • To work with families to create family stories
  • To promote family learning
  • To provide families with an introduction to museums and collections; exploring the connection between objects in the home and objects in museums.
  • To use personal objects as a starting point for crafting stories.
  • To look at the relationship between parental interaction, objects in the home and stories and show how these activities can support literacy in school.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Work creativity and collaboratively as a family to produce a digital family story.
  • Explore their own homes and photograph objects within them that are special as stimulus for story creation.
  • Discuss as a family what special items would make up their family collection and compare these to other families.
  • Create an All About You story box to represent their family and their special objects.
  • Discover what their special items tell others about them.
  • Explore stories and personal memories connected with their special objects.
  • Visit a museum and explore itís collection and their associated stories.
  • Develop literacy and ICT skills
  • Develop speaking and listening skills.

Background information

The World of James Herriot is set in Skeldale House the original home and surgery of Alf Wight, in which many of his well-loved stories were born.


Our collection consists of objects and documents relating to the life and work of Alf Wight and his family, including:

  • Veterinary objects and books from the period during which he was practising.
  • Original manuscripts and illustrations from the James Herriot story books.
  • A small number of items belonging to the Wight Family.

What this learning journey provides

This learning journey provides resources which can be used by museum educators, teachers and family learning practioners to support literacy learning.



My Family: My Story is a partnership project between Museums, Libraries and Archives, The World of James Herriot and Dr Kate Pahl, Senior Lecturer, Department of Educational Studies, University of Sheffield, together with the local extended schools co-ordinator and Thirsk community school.


For more information on this project and its associated activities, please contact: 


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