Inventions in Transport from Bradford

Hepolite Engines

Hepolite was another Bradford manufacturing company, founded in 1907. Yet, instead of making cars or motorcycles, they made components (parts) of internal combustion engines. 

Parts for any vehicle in the world:

They made the widest range of pistons, piston rings, piston pins and cylinder liners in the world. They wanted to provide Hepolite products to suit any vehicle. 

This meant that they needed a huge number of designs and the company had a huge design drawing office to create blueprints for the production of an enormous range of products. The designers had to know about every new development and make sure their products kept up.


Hepolite could make any number of items for customers - from a single piston to thousands. This meant that they had to be very flexible and at one time the ring shop at St Johnís Works covered 90,000 square feet and housed over 500 production machines. Each week these machines made over one million piston rings.



Blueprint - a technical plan used in buildings or manufacturing

Component - a part of something larger

Flexible - able to change and do different things

Piston - cylinder-shaped part in an engine that slides up and down

Products - items made in manufacturing to be sold

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