Thornbury Primary's Grand Trunk Road project

Teachers' notes

This resource describes how Thornbury Primary School in Bradford used an exhibition to develop new ways of working to support a Creative Curriculum.


This project was inspired by The Grand Trunk Road exhibition shown at Bradford Industrial Museum.  Photographs by Tim Smith and oral histories collected by Irna Qureshi tell the story of the longest, oldest and most famous highway in the Indian sub-continent. The significance of working with this exhibition was that it had the potential to inspire learning at many different levels and across the subject areas. In addition, it was particularly relevant to some of the Thornbury children who still have families living in areas along the Grand Trunk Road or relatives with memories of the road.


Planning began in November for the summer term project which involved the whole school (700 pupils), artists and parents too.

'This project working with Bradford Museums has enabled children's learning to develop across the whole curriculum, work has been produced of the highest quality and everyone has had lots of fun. It has been a turning point for the school'.

(Angus King, Headteacher)

Curriculum links:

Foundation Stage - Art & Design


Art & Design Unit 1B: Investigating materials, Unit 3B: Investigating pattern, Unit 4a: Viewpoints, Unit 4B:Take a seat 

Unit 4c: Journeys, Unit 6C: A sense of place, Unit 9gen: Visiting a museum, gallery or site 
Design Technology - Unit 2A: Vehicles,   

Science - Unit 1C: Sorting and using materials
Geography - Unit 1; Around our School

Citizenship - Unit 05: Living in a diverse world

Learning outcomes:

Knowledge and Understanding - Children gained a greater understanding about their cultural heritage by working with the exhibition.

Skills - Printmaking, construction, communicating with artists.

Activity, Behaviour and Progression - Children were on task, motivated and worked as a team. Children became guides for their own exhibition, showing confidence and an ability to clearly articulate to parents and visitors details of the project and their experiences.

Enjoyment, Inspiration and Creativity - All year groups were inspired by the exhibition and enjoyed creating and sharing their responses to it.

Attitudes and Values - Teachers and pupils gained a more positive attitude to visiting museums and valued working with artists within a whole school project. Both pupils and staff were able to realise their full potential through the project, gaining a heightened sense of self esteem and an appreciation of Bradford's cultural heritage and its links with the Grand Trunk Road.

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