The Grand Trunk Road - Behind the Scenes

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KS2 Religious Education - Learning about celebrating festivals abroad

The Grand Trunk Road is one of the longest and most historic trade and military routes in the Indian subcontinent. The road is almost 1,500 miles long and runs from Calcutta in India, across Pakistan, all the way to Kabul in Afghanistan. 

Writer Irna Qureshi travelled along the stretch of the Grand Trunk Road (also known colloquially as the 'GT Road') from Delhi in India to the Khyber Pass on Pakistan's border with Afghanistan, with photographer Tim Smith. The purpose of the trip was to photograph people and places from along the famous road, and to collect their stories for a photographic and oral history exhibition called The Grand Trunk Road - From Delhi to the Khyber Pass

Irna and Tim were particularly interested in this part of the road because along it are dotted the homelands of the majority of people who have migrated to the UK from the North of India and Pakistan. Most people from India and Pakistan who have made Britain their home hail from places like Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Mirpur, Jhelum, Rawalpindi and Attock. Tim and Irna wanted to understand what linked these towns and villages on the Grand Trunk Road with migration to Britain.

In this resource, Irna Qureshi offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the remarkable journey she made with Tim Smith, and she shares some of the highlights. As an added bonus, we have included some quotes and pictures that were not included in the exhibition and have never been seen before.

Map link: see where the Grand Trunk Road begins in Calcutta»

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