The Grand Trunk Road - Decorated Trucks in India and Pakistan


In March 2006, writer Irna Qureshi and photographer Tim Smith travelled along the longest, oldest and most famous highway in the Indian sub-continent. The purpose of the trip was to compile an exhibition about the Grand Trunk Road, which stretches 1,500 miles from Kabul in Afghanistan, into Pakistan, and on to Calcutta in India. 

Their journey along the Grand Trunk Road took them from Delhi in India to the Khyber Pass on the Pakistan/Afghan border. Irna and Tim were particularly interested in this stretch of the ‘GT Road’ because most Hindus and Sikhs from North India, as well as Pakistanis who now live in Britain have their roots dotted along this part of the GT Road. They explored the history of this famous road and why it is that so many people with links to this route have made Britain their home.

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