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Space 2

More experiments based on life in space. These experiments are all about living on another planet.


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How Does Your Space Garden Grow?

To look at the germination rates and rates of growth for a variety of plants that can be grown in a green house or geo-dome in space.

Make a mini garden under polythene to see how plants could be grown to provide fresh food for astronauts or space travellers setting up a colony on an environmentally hostile planet.

Seed trays of plant pots, compost, variety of seeds or young plants, measuring equipment, water, polythene sheets or bags, art sticks.

Make your Geodome.

To use knowledge of structures to make a geo-dome for space settlers to live in.

Plan, construct and evaluate a series of structures that could be used as a home for space settlers to live and work in safely.

Newspapers, art sticks, construction materials, measuring equipment, joining materials.

Water, Water Everywhere… or not!

To look at the properties of water and how it can be recycled and purified using a variety of techniques.

Purify water that has been contaminated with a variety of substances. Devise a way to clean the water and assess its suitability for a variety of purposes.

Water, funnels, filter paper, beads, compost, salt, other common contaminants, variety of containers, paper towels.

Space Food


To explore the ways that food can be preserved and experiment with ways keeping food edible in space.

Looking at the ways food has been preserved in the past, present and future.

Experiment with a range of preservation techniques and suggest a daily/weekly diet for astronauts travelling through space.

Variety of preserved food, including dried, pickled, canned. Fresh fruit to be preserved.

Internet access.

Keep on Moving.

To identify the key muscle groups in the body and understand some of the effects that can occur to the body in a micro gravity condition.

Devise an exercise routine that can be performed in a limited space that will exercise all the major muscle groups of the body and help to preserve bone density.

Exercise videos, resistance bands, full small water bottles or similar.

A selection of music!

Over to You….

To suggest, plan and perform an experiment that can be replicated in micro gravity to compare the difference in results if any.

Research the experiments that have been carried out on the International Space Station and other missions. Plan your own experiment that you can perform in the classroom, that could be performed by astronauts.

As determined by student’s plans.. however, if the experiments are to be performed they should be limited to easily available resources.

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