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Have you ever thought about why there are so many different types of trainer? Or how your muscles work? Well try out some of these experiments to see the science in sports.


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Trainer Trials

To compare the tread of a variety of training shoes and match to design purpose.

Make prints or molds of trainer treads and discover how the patterns aid the movement of the foot on a variety of surfaces.  

Trainers and shoes, different floor coverings, elastic, plasticine, rulers

Bouncing Balls

To devise a fair test to compare the bounciness of a variety of balls and match them to purpose

With a selection of balls, develop a test that will allow you to sort them into different categories and

compare their properties

A variety of different balls including football, cricket ball, golf ball, ping pong ball, netball. 

Rapid Reactions

To become aware of your own reaction times and strategies that could be employed to enhance them. 

Use a variety of experiments to test individual and group reaction times. Devise your own test to measure your reaction time, does practice or warm up exercises affect your reaction time?

Ruler, timer, recording sheet

Skateboard Surfing

To use a skateboard to illustrate how forces can be manipulated to produce movement and direction.

Look at the design and materials used to manufacture a skateboard and suggest possible improvements or modification.

Use knowledge and understanding of forces to explain the movement of the skate board and rider.

Skateboard, (real size or finger size) magnifying lenses, tape, elastic bands,

Magical Muscles

To make a model of a muscle to illustrate how muscle fibres expand and contract to enable the body to move.

Use balloons to create a muscle model that will illustrate how voluntary muscles work in pairs by contracting and expanding. Try and identify the muscle pairs in your arm.

Long balloons, rulers, masking tape, string, ( if possible a model skeleton would be useful!)

Terrific Teams

Learn how effective team working skills can be developed and improved to enhance sporting performance.

Groups of children take part in an activity to develop their ability to work in a team environment where everyone is valued with a part to play.

Resources dependent on the activity chosen.

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