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Bubble Trouble

To explore the properties of bubbles and the qualities of surface tension

Experiment with different concentrations of bubble solutions to produce bubbles to meet specific requirements.

Straws, liquid detergent, water, bowls, glycerine, wire coat hangers, florist wire.

Balloon Busters

To realise that gas produced by a chemical or biological reaction occupies space and has volume.

Find alternative methods of inflating balloons using chemical and biological reactions.

Balloons or Ziploc bags, water, lemon juice, vinegar, sugar, yeast, Alka Seltzer or similar.

Tea Bag Trials

To develop own criteria and perform a fair test.

Devise a fair test to find out how quickly tea bags let out their flavour and colour. Discover what factors affect this process, e.g. shape, temperature of water, amount of tea, type of paper, amount of stir e.t.c.

Cups or beakers, hot water, a selection of tea bags, paper, paint, paint brushes, thermometer, spoons, white tissue or kitchen towel.

Fabulous Fish

Explore how shape of object affects air resistance and flight.

Design a paper fish to be flapped across the room in the 'Floppy Fish' game. Experiment with different types of paper and strength­ening techniques.

A selection of paper and card (e.g. sugar paper, tissue paper, crepe paper, newspaper, copier paper, card board, foil). Sticky tape, glue scissors, timer.

Judging Jelly

To devise a method of eval­uating a criteria of your choice.

Design a practical test that can be used to decide the wobbliness or firmness of different types of jelly.

Rulers, paper, different concentrations of jelly (already set) Spoons, newspaper, scales, pens.

Soda Science

To devise a fair test to asses a given criteria

Design a test to discover how quickly fizzy drinks loose their fizz.

Cups or bowls. A selection of fizzy drinks, cola, water, diet drinks etc Timer, paper, newspaper, ice cubes.

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