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Have you got what it takes to become a Secret Agent. Try these activities and experiments and learn some new skills.


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Silent Running!

To transport an egg as far as possible in a vehicle that is as quiet as possible.

Make an egg carrying vehicle which is powered by air, clockwork or motor. The vehicle should be designed with quietness and security as the main criteria.

Eggs, junk modelling materials, K'nex, Lego or similar construction kits. Testing terrain, sound level monitor if available.

Telephone Teasers!

To communicate over distance without using ICT

Design methods of communicating using string telephones and flashing lights

A variety of string (wool, wire, twine, string etc), a variety of disposable cups (polystyrene, paper, plastic), scissors, torches, mirrors.

Cracking Codes

To design ways to transmit secret information. To try to solve codes.

Design codes using letters, numbers, pictures or objects.

Pencils, paper, objects as required.

Incredible Ink!

To find the best material to use as a secret Invisible ink.

Investigate a variety of liquids to find ways of writing invisibly to send a secret message.

A selection of different types of paper, lemon juice, milk, vegetable oil. candles, wax crayons, very dilute ink wash, a lamp, straws, small pots, cotton buds, hair dryer, red cabbage, bicarbonate of soda, brushes, com flour, iodine solution, cooking water from boiled rice and boiled potatoes.

Peeking Periscopes!

To make a device to allow you to see around comers.

Use mirrors and knowledge of properties of light to make a periscope to see around comers or high above you.

Mirrors, cardboard, tubes, scissors, glue, tape etc. Lenses if available.

Fingerprint Fun!

To find out how to reveal and identify fingerprints.

To take fingerprints and develop observation skills. To identify the fingerprints of other group members.

Gear plastic cups, rulers, glasses or mirrors which have been thoroughly washed in hot soapy water. Ink pad, white and black paper, dean brushes, magnifying glasses, a selection of powders such as cornflour, custard, cocoa, talcum, chalk or gravy. Sticky tape.

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