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Blast Off!

To explore the effect of

fins and cone shape on rocket flight.

Make and launch pencil

rockets and modify design.

Thick pencils, thin card.

Sellotape, straws, a revolving chair if possible.

Balloon Booster

To make a fuel system (using air power) to deliver a two stage power system.

Use balloon power to create a two stage fueled rocket on a fishing wire.

Fishing line or thin cotton, straws, long balloons, tape, polystyrene cups, spring action clothes pegs or bulldog clips.

Iced Comets

To simulate the formation and structure of a comet and asteroid. To explore changes in state.

Make an ice cream comet by freezing milk with salted ice. Add impurities (bis­cuits/choc flakes) as required. Make a toffee crisp asteroid.

Milk, sugar, vanilla flavouring, Ziploc plastic bags, crushed ice, salt, choc chips, puffed rice cereal, toffees, marshmallows, raisins or

small sweets.

Give a Hand!

To develop a vehicle or device to collect samples from a planet using simple mechanical techniques.

Use construction kits and/or junk modelling to develop a grabbing hand or vehicle able to pick up small stones or take a scoop of soil.

K'nex, Lego or similar construction kit. Junk modelling materials.

Droppin' Session!

To create a carrier to ensure the safe retrieval of the space pod (egg) in the sea (water tray).

Design and make a carrier with padding or parachute using knowledge of the properties of materials to ensure the safe arrival of egg on floor or in water tray.

Raw eggs, plastic cups, polythene sheets (can use old carrier bags), string, newspapers, bubble wrap, poly-form shapes.

Planet Discovery

To explore properties of chosen planet and design Possible life form and dwellings. Opportunities or creative activities.

To chose a planet to research and plan a space mission there. Children should be allowed to make heir own interpretation of life on that planet including artwork and sculpture.

As required by research.

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