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Stomach Churning

To explore the process of digestion.

Copy the initial process of digestion to see what happens to food in our stomachs.

Plastic bags, food samples, sieves and plastic trays or buckets. Plastic tube and funnel.

Why We Need Scabs!

To understand the process of scab formation.

Make a scab structure showing how the fibres form and platelets mesh to cover a wound.

String, flour glue, paint powder, card or other craft materials as available.

Calcium Capers / Dental Disasters

To see how different drinks affect calcium and the implications for dental health and bone health.

Place cooled and non-coated chalk in a variety of drinks and see what the effect is.

Chalk or egg shells, cups or beakers, a variety of drinks, clear nail varnish.

Hair Today

To develop a test to see how strong hair is.

Discover the properties of your hair.

Board with nail in. Variety of weights or paper clips. Samples of hair.

Joint Account

To understand the function of tendons and ligaments.

To use junk modelling material to create a moving arm or leg.

Straws, sticks or similar. Thick elastic bands, cotton or string.

Super Hero Science

To introduce adaptation and search for the hero inside yourself!

To research some of the possible explanations for the powers of famous Super Heroes!

As required by research

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