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In all these activities the club member takes on the role of a junior magician, discovering and devising the ultimate magic show.
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Now you see it!

To explore the phenomenon of persistence of vision.

Make a variety of optical illusions, which rely on the persistence of vision for effect.

Card, template, string, flicker books

Juggle It? Yes you can

Studying the ability to toss and catch balls and rings provides insight into human co-ordination, robotics and mathematics. To discover which objects are easy to juggle with and why.

To begin to learn to juggle and develop coordination. Juggle with tissues, balls, balloons etc. Juggle individually and in pairs.

Tissues, scarves, balls, balloons

Up and Away

To look at the effect of air pressure/stream on balls and balloons. Why donít they blow away?

Which balloon/ball is the easiest to make hover?

Straws, balloons, ping pong balls, electric hairdryer

Spin, Spin, Spin

To discover what factors influence the spin of objects.

Design the fastest, longest spinner. Investigate with shapes, colours and patterns.

Hula Hooping.

Card, paints, crayons, cocktail sticks, hula hoops

Balancing Act

To explore the involuntary responses of our bodies and how much we depend on our senses. How we change our ability to balance. To investigate the function of the ear.

Use weight and sticks to affect balance. Try walking on lines with eyes closed or after twirling.

Beam, metre rulers, chalk lines, ropes on floor

Eggstraordinary Eggs

To explore the properties of solids and liquids. To discover effects of combustion and air pressure. To look at chemical reactions.

Find out which egg is raw. Put the egg in the bottle. Dissolve an eggshell. Make and egg float.

Eggs, wide mouth bottle, beakers, vinegar, salt

Magic Show

To demonstrate activities from club and perfect favourite ones. Perhaps perform a show.

Practice and add sound effects to activities

As above

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