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The Kitchen

This section contains experiments and activities that can easily be carried out with every day kitchen ingredients and equipment.


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Alien Invasion!

To explore the chromatography and colour separations

Using food dyes to separate out colours to see how they are made up.

Food colourings, smarties, beakers, pipettes, filter paper

Cereal Killers!

To investigate why breakfast cereal in fortified with iron

Extracting iron from breakfast cereal and investigating why itís added.

Cereal, plastic beakers, hand lenses, magnets, hot water, stirrers, plastic bags

The Best Cake in the World

To investigating cake manufacture and the cakeís properties

Evaluating crispy cakes then making your own and perfecting a recipe.

Crispy cake ingredients and basic cooking equipment

Snack Attack!

To investigate the salt content in snacks

Researching salt content of snacks and creating an experiment to measure salt content.

Salted snacks, filter paper, beakers, funnels, scales, hand lenses


To investigate how a volcano erupts

Creating a volcano from play-dough and learning how to take core samples.

Film canister, vinegar, Bicarbonate of Soda, pens, play-dough

This Rocket Science!

To investigate the best rocket fuel for a film canister rocket

Creating a film canister rocket then investigating different types of rocket fuel to find the best.

Film canisters, lime juice, lemon juice, water, bicarbonate of soda, tissue paper, vinegar

Kitchen Khaos!

To investigate how basic kitchen ingredients can be used in science experiments

Making cornflour slime, dancing spaghetti, edible structures and badges

Vermicelli, backing soda, vinegar, food colouring, cornflour, gummy sweets, spaghetti, cocktail sticks, bread, dried pasta shapes, play-dough

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