Inventions in Transport from Bradford

Scott's Early Motorcycle Developments

Alfred Angas Scott was born in Manningham, Bradford in 1874. While working as a engineer he became interested in engines and helped to design an early type of bicycle. 

Designing the motorcycle:

In 1901 Scott decided to fit a small engine to the frame of a bicycle. However, it didn't work in the rain and he had to go back to the drawing board.


Four years later Scott had got a patent for his bicycle engine. He continued to experiment and improved the design of other parts, like the silencer, carburettor and piston deflector profile. He also solved the problem of the engine failing in the rain.



Scott had links with fellow Bradford motor manufacturers the Jowett brothers. In 1908 Jowett Motor Manufacturing Company agreed to manufacture Scott’s motorcycle. The design of the 1908 bicycle frame hardly changed until the 1930s. 

The Scott–Jowett motorcycle could travel at 43 mph. Only six were built by Jowett’s though, as the following year Scott formed his own company, the Scott Engineering Company Ltd and opened a new factory in Saltaire (see map view link below). The company made motorcycles until 1950.


Scott continued working on the design of his cycles - improving the brakes, engines, seats, even mudguards and number plates. His bikes were well known and won victories in the Isle of Man TT races in 1912 and 1913.


Collaborate - to work together

Industry - manufacture of similar products

Manufacture - to make a large amount of a product, usually in a factory

Patent - a document showing that you invented something and stopping other people from using your invention

Victory - winning in a competition or against other people

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Map view of Saltaire, location of Scott's first motor-cycle factory»

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