Inventions in Transport from Bradford

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This resource is designed as an introduction to some of the Bradford inventors who made a significant contribution to British transport developments. 


Curriculum Links:

KS2 History - Knowledge of the history of Britain as a chronological narrative; A significant turning point in British history

KS3 Design and Technology - Product Design - Designers

KS3 History - Social, cultural and technological change in post-war British society; Local History study

Aim of resource:

An exploration of the work of Bradford-based engineers and designers who influenced the development of products today and in the past.

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of the development of various inventions in Bradford
Understanding of the impact of patents, innovation and intellectual property and of industrial heritage in Yorkshire

Skills to develop their own design materials and access material from libraries and museums during their studies

Discussion ideas:

  • What methods of transport do you use every day?
  • How do you think people might have travelled 100 years ago? What about 200 years ago?
  • Why were the inventions within this resource important?
  • Which manufacturer do you think was most successful and why?
  • How do these historical inventions compare with modern equivalents?
  • How might transport have changed in 100 years time?


Activity ideas:

  • Create a timeline to show the development of different inventions featured within this resource. As well as using this resource, pupils could complete additional research to source illustrations and extra information.

  • Design a 'transport invention of the future':
    Inspired by some of the inventions within this resource, create a new method of transport that you imagine might be used 100 years in the future.
    - Think about how your invention is different and better from similar transport methods that already exist?
    - How does it improve people's lives?

    Draw the invention and label each feature, explaining why you have included it. 

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