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YFA Online Learning  (see Related Links at foot of page) is a moving image resource for education practitioners.  It contains footage from the Yorkshire Film Archive collection, along with catalogue descriptions, contextual information and suggested activities.

YFA Online Learning is an interactive site and we hope education practitioners will use the information and activities provided, but also download and use the films creatively, adding your own uses and activities onto the site for others to share.

The films featured on the site have been selected with the National Curriculum in mind and cover a range of material to introduce educators and learners to the creative use of archive film. You will find a wide spectrum of historical, geographical, social and cultural content, and new films and activities will be added on a regular basis.

Films have been selected to reflect the broad variety of material in the YFA collection to introduce users to the wealth of footage held within archives. The films date from the 1890s to the present covering a range of gauges such as 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, 9.5mm and video formats. The resource includes a number of different styles and forms such as documentary, short fiction films, animation, ‘amateur’ films, actualities and travelogues, and a range of topics such as industry, leisure and holidays, family life, education, transport, urban and rural life and wartime in the region.

By registering and creating your own log in, you will also be able to download the films so that you can pre-plan activities and be creative in using the material by, for example, including in PowerPoint presentations, adding soundtracks or editing the footage to create new films.

Here are a few films from YFA Online Learning related to Hull (just click on the Related Links below to watch the films on YFA Online Learning):

Pageant of Youth, Kingston upon Hull VE Day

Made by Debenham & Co of Beverley, this Pathe newsreel documents a children’s pageant in Hull.  It includes scenes of the large procession celebrating the day as well as the Mayor and Mayoress who visit the children’s ward at the City Hospital.

A R P/Malton Evacuees

This is an amateur film which shows the aspects of daily life in the town of Malton, North Yorkshire, during the Second World War.  The film shows an air raid precautions drill in the town centre and evacuees from Hull and Middlesbrough arriving in the town.  The film uses intertitles throughout describing the people, locations, and activities which take place during the film.

A Family Affair

This is an appeal film from 1960 highlighting the work of the Sailors' Children's Society.  It features the Newland Estate in Hull as well as the branch houses at the seaside. 


Made in 1977 by members of the Humberside Police, this film is a compilation of places and events in the Humberside area, covering North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire.  The film includes the building of the Humber Bridge, the Hull Prison riot, the well-known docks of the Humber, a power plant, housing and slum clearance in Hull, Beverley and the surrounding countryside, the fire at Flixborough Power Station, Lindsey Oil Refinery and a caravan park.  Additionally, a good portion of the film is made up of aerial footage. 

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