Ink or Swim

What's the story?

How will you be inspired?  Have a look at the following examples to send you off on your creative voyage…. The Museum Resource Sheet will help you on your way! Free to download - see link below. 


Your ideas might be based upon stories of survival or collective strength:

  • The fisherman who used their trawlers as minesweepers in the North sea during WW1 and WW2
  • The Doctor, Charles Edward Smith who documented the hard times on the Whaling Ship, The Diana that was ‘nipped in the ice’
  • The oppression of the Navy’s Impressment in the early 1800s, stationed in every major port
  • Whaler’s creating their own folk art whilst away in the Arctic for several months or years.

Your ideas might be based on a Victorian style exhibition or the ethics of a freak show:

  • The Inuit’s voyage to Hull and display of hunting skills in Princes Quay
  • The dark displays of krill, whale oil, sounds, and skeletons in the Whaling Gallery
  • The idea of making a Monkey Mermaid to thrill and impress land-folk with stories of travel to far away places.
  • Recycling the bones and teeth of whales into tokens of love, etched with drawings
  • Photographs and paintings telling stories
  • The various flensing tools required by the whaler

Your ideas might be based on the craft of producing the paintings and objects:

  • Scrimshaw techniques
  • The Romantic style of the Maritime paintings
  • The handwritten logbooks and diaries
  • The plaster cast of Captain John Parker of the Ship ‘Truelove’ and its commemorative objects
  • The clothes of the Inuits who travelled to Hull on board the ‘Truelove’

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