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Bedale 19th and 20th Century Painters and Decorators
Examining the Bucktrout and Firth businesses of Bedale
Being an Art Detective
Investigating artworks and the role of the artist
Bitter Sweet History - aspects of the British Slave Trade
The British Slave Trade and issues around Fair Trade today
Blind Veterans of the First World War
How a new charity was founded in WW1 to help blinded ex-servicemen
Blue Socks - The School Uniform Debate
From the 1970s 'Blue Socks' uniform case to school uniform today
Bollywood in Britain
Exploring the relationship between Bollywood films and Britain
Bradford and the V&A Museum
Bradford´s Young Ambassadors create an Islamic Art timeline
Bradford's Industrial Revolution
Tracking a city's industrial and social change
Breaking Chains - Sheffield Civil Rights
Changes campaigning can make and how they can affect us today
British Values in Action: Protest and Punishment
Exploring a historical example of a protest by workers
British Values in Action: Tea for the Troops
This resource explores a historical example of local volunteering
British Values in Action: Votes for Working Men
Exploring the development of democracy in Britain
Bronze Age Grantham
What can Bronze age grave goods tell us about how people lived?
Burying the First World War Dead
A Jewish grave marker reveals the story of front line burials in WW1

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