Hull-istic Medicine: Public Health through Time

Teachers' Notes/ Curriculum Links

This resource has been designed to encourage GCSE teachers and students (and KS2/KS3 teachers and classes) to access and engage with the resources available to view at the Hull History Centre about medicine and public health in Hull through time.

Curriculum Links:


Medicine in the Middle Ages

Medicine in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Historical source investigation

KS2 History
‘Here in the Past’

KS3 History ‘What’s it all about?’

KS4 Local History 'History Around Us’

(When used as part of a thematic study links can also be made to QCA History Medieval, Tudor, Civil War, Victorian, Snapshot 1900, WW1 and 2, and famous people among others).

We have a varied collection of medical material and we would like to turn this into a session which can be done by pupils and students at the Hull History Centre. Please get in touch if you would like to take part in a pilot.

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