Hull-istic Medicine: Public Health through Time

The Public Health Department

Hull's Public Health Department has been taking photographs of buildings it is about to demolish since the 1890s. The photographs taken between 1890 and 1930 formed the basis of a book, ‘Forgotten Hull’ by Graeme Wilkinson and Gareth Watkins. The photographs show us what living conditions were like in this time, particularly of the lower classes. The photographs show cramped conditions, mould, cracks and damp on walls and unstable buildings. Because these buildings have since been knocked down, the images give us a unique insight into the past.  

Imagine this is a photograph of your home (right), how would you feel living there?

What can we discover about Victorian/Early 20th Century life from the photographs? 

What does the council do for us now that has changed our living conditions for the better since these photographs were taken?

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