Hull Traders: Revolutionary Fabrics


Shirley Craven and Hull Traders: Revolutionary Fabrics and Furniture at Ferens Art Gallery


These exuberant, fun and colourful designs are a great introduction to Art and Design of the Sixties’ pop era and show the cross-fertilisation of ideas in painting, textiles and furniture design.

Although designed to be used in conjunction with an exhibition visit, this learning journey can be used by teachers in the classroom and is intended to be of use beyond the life of the exhibition.


Background information is included on the textile production company Hull Traders, Shirley Craven and other artist-designers whose work feature in the exhibition. There are suggestions for activities and extended project work based on themes within the exhibition. Resources include tips for practical work and the screen-printing process as well as downloadable worksheets which can be used in looking at some of the designs.


Curriculum Links

KS2 - Arts Award Discover and Explore - This resource provides examples of different art forms and artistic practices 

KS2 Art & Design

Unit 2B: Mother Nature Designer

Unit 3B: Investigating Pattern

KS 3 Art & Design

Unit 7C: Recreating Landscapes

Unit 8A: Objects and Viewpoints

Unit 9B: Change your Style


Learning Objectives

· Knowledge and Understanding

· Skills

· Enjoyment, Inspiration and Creativity


Key Stages 1 &2:

  • Collect visual information as starting points to develop their own ideas including observational drawing
  • Compare work and ideas with others; speaking and listening, asking questions and working collaboratively
  • Control of materials and processes such as drawing, painting, repeat pattern design, printmaking, 3D design
  • Understanding and use of colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, composition

Key Stage 3

  • Abstracting and producing designs from observations in real life; using art work as stimulus for own ideas
  • Understanding and creating repeat pattern design, using screen-printing process, collage, painting and drawing, designing for fabrics, furniture and interiors
  • Engage with historical and cultural context in which art works are produced; r eflect and evaluate on own and others’ work; question critically 
  • Use sketchbook and visual means of ‘thinking’, i.e. note-taking, drawing and experimentation in 2D and 3D form
  • Work across fine art, craft and design, including both applied and fine art practices

A publication which accompanies the exhibition is available from

Shirley Craven and  Hull Traders: Revolutionary Fabrics and Furniture 1957-1980

by Lesley Jackson

Published by ACC Editions in association with the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Museums


© Information from research by Lesley Jackson

© Interpretation & Learning Resources by Kathryn Welford


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