Hull Through the Eyes of a Sculptor

Siren described by Chris Dobrowolski

‘Here’s a run down on how it works technically. Looking through the porthole in the bottom of the top box you can see right down to floor level as I’ve cut through the other boxes.

Mounted on the inside is a movement censor (the kind that trigger security lights in the dark). The action of looking through the porthole turns on a lamp and an old record player at the bottom of the piece. On the record player is an old 78 by a singer called ‘Barbara Lyon’ called ‘Stowaway’. This music comes up and out of the cowl vent mounted on the top of the bottom box.

The whole thing dismantles easily into three pieces and the record player can be removed should it ever need to be fixed. I even managed to find a copy of the record should anything happen to the original. Having said that there isn’t a lot to go wrong with it as making it aesthetically simple has made it practical as well. It stands about 4 foot high at the lip of the open box.’

Chris Dobrowolski (30 March 1998)

Listen to a curator's thoughts on the sculpture - see Audio links below.

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