Hull Through the Eyes of a Sculptor

About the artist

Chris Dobrowolski studied Fine Art in Hull from 1988 to 1991 and then Sculpture at the Royal College of Art from 1994 to 1996. He has described his earlier work as being a personal exploration of landscape, seascape, skyscape and escape.
I draw inspiration from the integrity of things that come about from people tinkering around in their garden shed or garage. The end result of this ‘tinkering’ often speaks volumes even when the maker might not consider themselves an artist. I am one of the last of that post-war generation who, as a child, used to make pram wheeled go-carts in the garden shed. With my art I try to capture that elusive state of mind experienced when working without the ulterior motives that making ‘Art’ imposes upon me.   Chris Dobrowolski 1998

Amongst the work Chris Dobrowolski created during his time in Hull was a home-made boat made from recycled materials. His maiden voyage on the Humber attracted the attention of both the media and the Humber coastguards. The latter ensured his safe return to shore.


Integrity - is honest and moral
Commission - to be granted an order to make (an artwork)

Tinkering - to busy oneself (not always usefullly)
Maritime - of the sea, near the sea

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