Hull Through the Eyes of a Sculptor

Teachers' notes

Chris Dobrowolski’s sculpture ‘Siren’ offers pupils a whole range of opportunities to investigate contemporary sculpture, local history and public art, and in particular to investigate how ideas and meanings can be communicated through three dimensional form.

This resource has been designed to support a visit to the Ferens Art Gallery sculpture collection, by allowing pupils to investigate a particular work in detail, either before or after their visit. It is also designed, by following aspects of the commissioning and artist’s working process, to support in particular Unit 9c of the Art and Design curriculum.

Curriculum Links

KS3/4/GCSE Art & Design: 3D Design, Sculpture, Shared View, Personal Spaces, Public Places

Activity ideas:

  • Students could select an interesting object from their local museum, research the object, the purpose of the object, its usefulness, its maker, is medium. 
  • Design an artwork based upon this research and in response to the object and its symbolic meanings.  
  • Students could work in small groups and make a collaborative piece or individual works.
  • Write a poem as another creative response to the object and the research

How this resource could be used:
As an example of an artist who has responded to a place and its history.

It has interesting images; the artwork makes more sense when the artist's website has been explored and articles have been read. It is good for students to see process and planning  drawings and a good example of a public commission, although most students may not identify with the work unless it has been explained by the teacher. It would be best to see the work first hand to get the most out of it.
Amanda Duke, Faculty Leader for Creative and Performing Arts, Steyning Grammar School

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