Henry's Hull

Teachers' notes

ĎHenryís Hullí ( 2 hour session)

KS2 History (links to Geography, Citizenship, Literacy)

Key Skills

This session supports the study of local history and historical researching skills in the national curriculum. It also encourages key skills:


  • Communication (discussion, presentation, reading, writing, speaking and listening) and Working with others
  • Application of number (map reading, chronology)
  • Information processing, creative thinking, problem solving, reasoning and enquiry skills
  • Evaluation skills (plenary)

Session Objectives

Explore life in Tudor Hull through:

  • problem solving investigations with maps and documents
  • putting yourself in the shoes of Hullís Tudor Monks facing decisions during the Pilgrimage of Grace
  • examining documents written at the time (by Henry VIII in some cases)
  • practising reading and writing Tudor style

These activities are designed to improve key skills and support the National Curriculum. Using Hullís unique archival and local studies Tudor collections, participants will use communication, independent enquiry, map reading, teamwork, creative thinking, reflective learning and many more skills to gain an understanding of life in Tudor Hull.

If you have any suggestions about themes for new led sessions that you would like to see please contact us on: esther.farrow@hullcc.gov.uk    

Your Preparation

This learning journey accompanies the session. Used in the classroom, it can be used to gain some background information in preparation for a trip to the Hull History Centre. This would help the class and staff get the most out of the sessions. 

Key Vocabulary:

Document, archive, Pilgrimage, monk, monarch, quill, wax seal, royal pardon

Post Visit Activity:

Try out your new skills at reading and writing Tudor handwriting on each other. Write letters and see if other classmates can read them.

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