Henry's Hull


This resource has been designed to allow KS1 and 2 teachers and pupils to see Tudor Hull through Henry VIIIís eyes using original documents. It is designed to support current curriculum developments in thematic and skills-based learning and will help students.

Teachers may wish to include in their study a visit to the Hull History Centre for a ĎHenryís Hullí session which takes the pupils on an interactive journey of discovery of Tudor Hull; tracking the journey and outcomes of the Pilgrimage of Grace through activities, practicing reading and writing Tudor-style and allowing them to view original documents behind the scenes.

The resource serves as a useful activity to prepare for a visit to this session.  Pupils can also take part in the O nline Quiz, Are You Like Henry? (see Quiz link on left) to test if they have a similar personality and interests.


Curriculum Links

KS2 History: Unit 7 - Why did Henry VIII marry 6 times?

                    Unit 8 - Rich and Poor in Tudor times

KS1 Geography: Unit 1 The local area

KS1 Citizenship: Unit 1 & 2 communication and participation, choices


Communication Skills: speaking and listening, reading and writing

Application of number: Problem solving,  chronology

Information Technology: Developing skills in enquiry, analysis, interpretation and evaluation

Working Together: Problem solving, cooperation and understanding, social skills, awareness of othersí needs

Improving own learning and performance: Stimulate independent enquiry, creative thought processes, reflection and evaluation

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